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Most recently we’ve been working on a commission and are really pleased how it has turned out. It is a full-head mask werewolf skull, custom-designed for an client. We’ve named it Canis lupus mor’ithild, meaning Nightmare wolf. Mor’ithild is elvish for nightmare.
He’s created from Craftiflex, hand-scultped and crafted. No moulding or casting techniques were used, it’s all done by hand (and hence a slow & tedious process). His ears are Craftiflex Tex & latex, allowing them to bend and flex.



Supporting Gamma Con 2015

Proudly supporting Cosplay

GAMMA.CON is a celebration of anime, manga, comics, movies, tv shows, sci fi, fantasy and table top gaming! Held each year in the Nation’s Capital they aim to provide an awesome pop culture event for the people of Canberra.

Check out their website!
And like their Facebook page and Twitter ( @gammaconact) for the latest news and competitions!

We are pleased to be supporting the Cosplay Contest, donating at Bulk Sheet of Craftiflex.

And very excited and proud to have the “Duskraven Costumerie Best In Show” category named after us!
It encompasses every aspect of costuming including construction of armor and props, wigs, accessories, makeup and accuracy of the costume in general.

Good luck to all the contestants!





Feb Issue of Kultur Mag 2015

With Vespa Photography, we were featured in Kultur Mag!

Following on from RAW, Leigh at Vespa Photography arranged a photoshoot at the beautiful Araluen Botanic Gardens. So we all trooped around the beautiful gardens and found some lovely spots. The photos were amazing and Kultur published them.

See them in the Steampunk Gallery.





Perth Oz Comic Con 2015

We are excited to be Exhibiting at Oz Comic Con!

This is the first year we will be at Oz Comic Con and we are looking forward to it. There looks like there will be lots to do and see, so check out Oz Comic Con. We are listed here.




RAW: Natural Born Artists  Awards 2014

Showcasing artistic talent, locally and internationally.

Last year I was invited to showcase my work at the RAW Event in Perth in November 2014. Eight models displayed my outfits from the Steampunk genre.

RAW conducted their annual RAW Awards, that began with public voting for artists. Thank you too all who voted to show your support and voted for me in the Fashion Award!





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