We love what we do.



Home Office

As a team, we work from home, while still joining the rat-race in our professional careers.

Forward Thinking

Always on the lookout for new ideas, techniques and methods.

>40 yrs Experience

Over 20 years of experience each, in creative arts, design and construction.

Custom Requests

Are you after something special? Don’t see what you are searching for? We do custom requests for both local and international customers.

Our Story

Duskraven Costumerie is a small business out of Perth, Australia, specialising in making costumes from the Steampunk genre. Jason and Ngaire, the husband and wife team who design and create the outfits and accessories, met in a metal-weapons sword-fighting group many years ago. Their love of costuming began there with medieval reproductions, including swords, armour and outfits.

Recently Steampunk has captured their imagination, with the elegance and grace of the Victorian era (late 1800’s) as a motivating factor. With a large circle of friends they share a hobby, participating in a fantasy steampunk live action role play game.

It was this passion to create unique outfits that spawned their business, including being the distributor of Craftiflex, an innovative all-purpose costuming product. To date items are made-to-order, with plans to expand to ‘off-the-rack’ items through 2015. Outfits are carefully designed and made by Ngaire to uphold the Victorian Steampunk sensibilities while remaining comfortable and functional. In addition both Jason and Ngaire create accessories including jewellery, hats/fascinators, Steampunk goggles, Nerf blasters, holsters and leatherwork for a complete look for any outfit.




Ngaire was selected to study in the Visual Arts Gifted & Talented Program during high school. She graduated university with two degrees; in Marine Science and Biological Science, and now works as a Medical Scientist in a Pathology Laboratory.




Jason concentrated on art during high school and went on to learn, and teach, leatherwork at TAFE. He started a degree in Environmental Science but then moved to Education, where he continues to work now.