The Grey Company

The Grey Co. is a metal-weapons sword-fighting club, re-enacting history from the many eras, focusing on the dark & middle ages. They also dabble into Later Period, Roman and Victorian eras. The group is located in Perth, training on Sundays. It’s membership is open to both children and adults. Over 18’s are permitted and trained to fight with metal weapons. No sharp blades are allowed.  Children over 10 are trained to fight with rubber/latex swords, at 16 they move to wood/plastic.

Most of the gear and costumes are made by the participants, requiring research into their construction. Effort is made to replicate the armour, weapons and costumes as closely as possible.

The group has been running for over 30 years. For more information or to contact them, please see their webpage.

Costumes pictured below have been made by Jason and Ngaire.




Photography: Hazel Leaf Studio or Private collections